Thursday, September 24, 2009

Self Publishing Hardcover Books Made Easy

This article looks at the possibilities for self publishing hardcover books.
In traditional publishing, it is next to impossible to get a contract to publish a hardback book, unless you are a well known, high sales, best seller, blockbuster author, which most people simply are NOT. The good news for an author who really wants a hard back book published is that there are a lot of options these days. The area of self publishing has changed the publishing world forever, and that is great news for authors.

The main economic difference between self publishing and traditional publishing is that in self publishing, the author bears the cost of the printing process. While that might seem, to some, to be a bad thing, it is also important to bear in mind that the author also has near total control over the printing process, the choices of paper, print type, binding, book jacket (and the design thereof), promotion and marketing, and almost every other area of the production process. For an author who wants to publish her or his book in a very certain way, this is an unheard of level of control.

Self publishing hardcover books, is, naturally, more expensive than the other self publishing options (such as paper back books, ebooks, print on demand books, books on CD and so on), but that is expected; hard cover books are simply far more expensive than other books, no matter what the print production method.

There are still a lot of options available to one who wants a hard cover book printed. There are publishing houses who can and will produce a relatively low cost bound book (with or without a book jacket) and there are those who will produce a fine quality collector level volume from the best materials with hand crafted workmanship. The difference is, of course, price, and that is a decision that the author can make after comparing all the available options.

Not so very many years ago, an author would have had to have traveled to New YorK City to meet with the publishing houses who handle this sort of work. Now, however, an author can simply search the 'Net, contact the many possible publishers, submit manuscripts, make design and binding decisions, approve mark ups, and oversee the entire process without ever leaving his or her desk.

The publishers web sites are typically clear and easy to understand, with good photos of samples of their work, easy to follow instructions and guides, and a plethora of suggestions and tips to make the process easier for the author. Self publishing hardcover books is a reality. Source: Selfpublishinginc dot com, Louis Zhang Add to Technorati Favorites Bookmark and Share


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