Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Children's Book Review

The book is a heartwarming story about two friends Tim and Peter who grow up together in a small town. The story begins with both the children going to the cinema for the first time with Tim's uncle. The book delves into the psyche of two six year olds who grow up together in the small sleepy town of Haldon.

The children learn the values of life through simple everyday interactions and the book teaches children the importance of love, honesty and integrity without being too preachy. It will surely bring back sweet memories to the adult readers, while the children would appreciate the simple language and the easy manner in which the story moves forward. The adults would love to read the book aloud to their young ones.

Reading Level: Ages 6-10
Page Count: 88 pages
Publisher: Bantam Books

What to expect: A simple narration and a beautiful story of friendship, growing up and learning. The book is all about how two boys learn from each other and with each other. It is about how they learn to appreciate little joys and take their lessons from mundane everyday experiences.
Publisher's Synopsis: Tim asks Peter" Is that what happens when there is a thunderstorm?-Does lightning kill people?" Peter says:" How do I know? But, mother tells me that lightning may strike you if you take shelter beneath a tree. She has told me never to stand under a tree during the rain."

About the Author: Steven Rogers is a veteran of twenty eight novels written for children aged between 6 and 16. He has been a prolific short story writer too over the past twenty years. He enjoys immense popularity among children across Europe and the US and presently stays in Miami with his wife and two children
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