Saturday, September 26, 2009

Phone Numbers Are Like Story Books

How many phone numbers have you had throughout the years? Two, three, five or more? Although you probably don't think anything of the previous ones you've owned and only care about your current one, did you know that each ten digits you once called your own are a chapter of your life?

How is this possible? Each telephone number you owned you may have had at different times of your life, such as your early childhood, teenage years, college days, etc. Although the numeric codes themselves wouldn't have given someone great insight as to who you were, they could provide other tidbits of information directly related to you, such as your name (or the name of a parent, roommate or lover who owned the line), your living situation, for instance where you lived or worked, the type of phone you used (residential/business landline or cell), and the telecommunications company that provided service to your device.

From these few details a person could choose to investigate and discover more including:
- The area where you lived - They could find out interesting details about the actual state, county and city where you live as well as find pictures.

- Your neighborhood - Find out where your street is located, see a map of the location and so on.
- About your business - If the ten-digit-number is related to a company an individual can check out where it's located as well as find out its purpose for existence.
- Etc.

In addition, now that the World Wide Web enables you to access telephone directories, even those that include wireless data, you have the ability to find out even more than the basics. This is because some databases can provide you with extra info about subscribers including demographics, info about neighbors, other people that live within their household and further public records details.
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