Friday, September 27, 2013

Rejected Authors Welcome An Online Book Publisher

By Elinor Tran

The role of the online book publisher in a changing world is welcomed by many authors. In the past they may have labored over manuscripts for years before opening a register of publishers. Under most names there would be an officious note to the effect that unsolicited manuscripts would not be welcome.

There is a robust folk lore of authors who were rejected by dozens of publishers before finding one willing to take a risk. The now richest self-made woman in Britain is said to be one such author who was often rejected before being lucky enough to have her work accepted. Once she became a celebrity millions took her name as a testimonial when buying a book with her name on the cover.

Even the dramatic success of traditional authors reflects some aspects of change. Marketing techniques make one author of ordinary stories exceptional by spinning out films and peripheral commodities such as clothing and stationery. There can be no doubt that reading habits and publishing methods have so altered that adaptation is the name of the game. Publishers who cannot adapt will die.

Actually the book as a bound collection of paper pages is itself under severe threat. Many people who have electronic readers can buy a whole collection of e-books for the price a single paperback. Publishers are having to scramble to negotiate with e-book publishers to keep the price of e-books artificially high in order to prop up traditional firms while the world shifts inexorably from a paper to a paperless society.

In a changing scenario some things fade away, new shapes emerge and other things remain immutable. Though readers of paper bound books are on the decline new readers of e-books are on the increase. Many authors who might previously have been sideline by the difficulties of the publishing system can now emerge as a market.

The online book publisher is not bound by the need to produce large numbers in order to be financially viable. Authors of family books and personal memoirs can choose to have their personal works edited, printed and published in small numbers that can be distributed amongst family and friends or marketed on a trial bases in the hope of becoming an international best seller.

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