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Great Science Fiction Comic Book Authors Are Special

By Gloria Mason

One very great science fiction comic book authors is a person who has spent most of his life acting. This is one man who first got into the entertainment business at a very early age and has delighted audiences for many years. His name is Billy Mumy and many of his fans know him quite well. He is one of the great pioneers of televisions in America.

Charles William Mumy, Jr. Is Billy's entire name and he was brought into this world on February 1, 1954. California was his place of birth and he continues to live there even today. Billy is an artist, voice-over artist, actor and musician. People all over the globe know him as the boy named Will Robinson on the television show "Lost In Space".

Mr. Mumy was always known best for his red hair and freckles and this gained him attention from many Hollywood producers. On the series "Lost In Space" he played the youngest child of the Robinson family. Marta Kristen and Angela Cartwright portrayed his sisters on this show. Other cast members included Mark Goddard, Guy Williams, Jonathan Harris and the amazing June Lockhart.

In the year 1961 Rod Serling decided to cast him on a show called "The Twilight Zone". The episode that he was featured in was named "It's A Good Life". He played an alien type youngster who ruled a town of ignorant country people. They did not do anything to make him angry since he could wish them away into a horrible corn field.

The parents on this episode were very passive and they would let this child kill anyone who was seen as judgmental. One of the lead characters on this show met his final destruction when he was turned into a child's toy. It is one of the most terrifying scenes on television.

During his time on "Lost In Space" Billy became close with his co-stars Marta and Angela and they still have a connection like siblings even today. Billy was so fascinated by his castmates and the series itself that he sketched a novel which was based upon this series. He includes all of these major characters within his novel and everyone is drawn in a unique style.

In these cartoon writings Mr. Mumy takes the characters on even more adventures into outer space. He always felt that the series should have run for more than three years but the producers thought otherwise. His writings turn his on screen sisters into sexy sirens that try to get the attention of Major Don West. Unlike the original series Billy gives equal time to all of these characters instead of just one. On "Lost In Space" many fans were always angry because the show paid so much attention to Jonathan Harris' character "Dr. Smith.

Well known science fiction comic book authors would totally like all of Mr. Mumy's stories. He knows how to write strange and intriguing tales that do not confuse the reader. Cliffhangers are sometimes used in many of these tales and fans of the old series love this.

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