Monday, September 3, 2012

How Political Novels Differ From Other Books

By Chloe Gib

Political novels are meant to fulfill different tastes of readers and their settings originate from various situations. Some types of literature such as story books are meant to entertain the readers as well as educating them about different aspects of life. However, they differ from other ordinary books in quite a number of ways.

Books that are based on politics are meant to entertain the readers as well as to appeal to their emotions. The writer uses careful grammar and syntax in order to attract many readers. Imagery is used in the creation of scenes that are fictitious in order to make the plot of the book look real. These scenes are aimed at appealing to the emotional feelings of the reader so that they can share the same perceptions with the writer.

Readers of these books are forced to look at things in a different way from their usual life. Some of the scenes in the book are made to appear as real and the readers view them from another different version. In other instances, readers may try to seek solutions to challenging scenarios raised in the book.

Stories about politics often derive from real life events and they are often narrated from a different slant. This subject affects people in different ways in their lives and they try to resolve such cases using different methods. However, it can be noted that the theme about politics is not new in the field of literature since it is common to different societies of people.

On the other hand, spy thrillers captivate the emotions of the readers such that they develop a keen interest to know what transpires in the book. This kind of literary work is designed in such a way that the reader also becomes part of the story. He can actually experience certain events in the book and this makes it easier for the reader to understand the plot of the book.

It can also be seen that books about terrorism fiction are meant to appeal to the emotions of the readers. They appeal to senses of feeling such that the reader becomes part of the story and often sympathizes with the victim in that book. There is a tendency by the readers to loathe the villain in cases involving terrorism.

Different scenes of fiction in a novel allow the readers to be imaginary about how to deal with similar situations. Such scenes are created in a captivating fashion. Basically, political novels often depict real live events in an imaginary way and they appeal to different readers.

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