Saturday, May 5, 2012

True Inspirational Stories Come From The Lives Of Individuals

By Deena Lawson

If a person wants true inspirational stories biographies of people's lives are shared around the world. These are people willing to tell their life story without compromising any facts. There's non-fiction which is true and fiction which is made up and the non-fiction one's are the better concerning inspiration.

There is a real interest in knowing what happened in another person's lifetime. People are intrigued to read or hear what circumstances and battles others have faced and been challenged by. It also lends to knowledge that could help people not to make the same mistakes in their lives when reading or hearing someone else's journey down a particular road they travelled.

When people hear tragic tales, for instance, death, limb loss or paralysis of the body and yet the people who tell their story who have experienced these horrific situations seem to have such a great outlook on life. This is truly an inspired story that motivates others to see their cup as half full rather than half empty.

One example of such a story is Kevin Saunders. He was in a tragic explosion accident that left him paralyzed from the chest down. But this didn't stop him in his life, not one bit. He just completed and 50 State Tour where he wheeled his way across the United States in his wheelchair.

Defeat was not in Kevin Saunders vocabulary, no this guy went on to be victorious after his fateful accident. He is in great muscular shape and even better is his shape than those who are not paralyzed at all. Seeing these people tell their stories and watching them live their lives, after events happened that could have shattered them, is truly inspiring.

Everyone faces some kind of disappointment throughout their lifetime and true inspirational stories give people hope as they face them. It's a feeling of I can succeed too. When a person does not let these types of circumstances deter them but they find ways to see the positive they are truly people worth following as far as their positive mind goes.

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