Friday, September 27, 2013

Gain Readers For Books Of True Inspirational Stories

By Thelma Kent

Feeling the weight of the world on one's shoulder is a popular idiom. It means someone is having difficulties in life. It could be about financial difficulties, familial disputes, rift with a co-worker or other things. Nobody is spared from facing these challenges. Every single person has a story about the toughest storm. But there are those who do not just face the storm, they weather them. True inspirational stories are not just heartwarming, they have lessons to share.

Sharing one's story through a book is one way of helping change people's perspective. People get engrossed with anecdotes of how someone faced trials. Personal experiences are easier to relate to and people are likely to read them. There is a flood of books that tell about heartwarming experiences of triumph. The bigger challenge is getting someone to pick a book up from the shelves.

Books are conveyed to be very scholarly but that need not be the case. There are inspirational books that could be presented differently to stir interest. Adding reflection guides or quizzes as well as personal notes add interest. Pictures or drawings are also another way of sending more messages. These convey messages that are interpreted by the readers. The storage life of books are longer too.

But most people live a life where everything is moving fast. The information fed to someone may not be completely absorbed and forgotten about quickly. This does not dismiss the need to spread inspiration through books though.

An audio book is an alternative to texts and bulky pages. While a lazy afternoon could be looked forward to, it does not occur everyday. Instead of hardbound copies, audio books could be offered. This way the experiences could be heard over music players so tasks do not get left behind.

Also, it is easier for someone faced with a challenge to listen than to stop and read. The audio could provide some sense of comfort. It may also create an illusion that someone is there to share the story.

Books could come in various forms. true inspirational stories could be read in texts and photos or they could be heard. Technology can offer readers the format that makes reading or listening to these anecdotes easy.

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